Tru Smoke Electronic Cigarette FAQ

    What is

    · is a site with great search engine position for electronic cigarettes that can be skinned with your product.

    · As well, we review and or list any electronic cigarette vendor based on the quality of their product. It is a review site, product mall, and great place to buy an ad listing for your electronic cigarette products.

    · The product pages have room for reviews and for ad placement.

    · The main purpose of is to inform and consumers of your product with reviews and listings across its pages.

    · will review any e-cig kit sent to us and will also be the flagship component and product mall for an ad-buyer per (ad specs) and is part of the (where a large electronic cigarette content network and portfolio are for sale).

    Contact us about getting ad space or a review here:
    Phone: 949-495-4422